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“Do Not Disturb”

It’s like this, you’re in the room with a person you admire the most. You’ve acted and showed-off your mixed emotions. There were other people too. the point was, you were too scared, what if you are rejected, so to minimize such a risk, you started investing in the next room hoping that in some Read More

Where are your dreams?

We human beings  have magnificent dreams and imaginations. But we should also have the courage to fulfil those or at least walk in that  direction. But at some point of time we get pulled back for many reasons. You see we as a child had many wonderful thoughts, perhaps you wanna explore the planet Jupiter or  swim Read More

Trapped in the past.

Have you even remembered when was the last time you really felt your true self? Your mind is somehow stuck in the well of past and the moment you come out of the well, instead of stepping on the ground you just fly to the future. You are not walking at all. So you pray Read More

Don’t lose hope in the mercy of our Maker

Many a times we lose hope, perhaps you’r health is quite bad since 11 years, or things went wrong every last minute. We might reach a point when we just say “Enough”. Its time we quit, some with rope ,some with dope and some with hope. If we look our lives backward we will be Read More

Technology made us depressed?

I’ve encountered many people in my life who knew very less of latest technologies, the basis of the body, regarding cholesterol. These people are mostly from a poor background and do not have a comfort of an office. Unlike most of us, they are least concerned about the cooking oil we use, the headaches we Read More


So ten years or may be more from now, when you were young. Perhaps you had beautiful hair which you style every morning just to let the world know that indeed you are the most “handsome” ?. Your body filled with adrenaline so you can pick a fight with a beast. MTV  and love songs Read More

My sustenance

We all think and worry for our sustenance, for some its luck, for some its a mercy from our Maker and some believe its pure hard and smart work. For those who believe that its a mercy from God, it goes like this. You worry for your sustenance, He said your sustenance is already written Read More

duh he smokes

We sometimes become too self-claimed pious person, we think we are the most religious person alive on this earth. So our attitude is as if someone sitting next to us smoking, we instantly say duh, he have no hope. He is a sinner a non-believer. My friend perhaps he is struggling to quit smoking and Read More

Battle of mind

Battle of minds

Sometimes we get this thought that we have done something very major but in reality we know firmly that we did nothing. Its like a mind game we play with ourselves and the opponent is like a a music system with no “power off” button on it. We argue with ourselves and quarrel and we Read More